Cabin Idea Inspiration Design

A getaway cabin needs a bathroom with modern conveniences that enhance the rural atmosphere surrounding the cabin, yet still, retains its rustic charm and country theme. Pressed and dried flowers under glass add nature-inspired decor and accents to your cabin bathroom. Light fixtures in wrought-iron or even wood-based lamps tie into the rustic theme, while woven wood baskets add a place to store rolled-up towels, loofahs and chemical free vegetable-based soaps.

Nail 2-by-4 beams as cross-sections between the upright 4-by-4 foundation posts. This is the frame for the flooring system. It must be solidly in place to provide adequate support for the vertical frame that directly ties into it. It also is the support for the flooring itself: sheets of plyboard that you will nail to the 2-by-4 framing beams.

Kuhn Bros. Log Homes sell log homes in southern New Mexico through its sales representatives Clayton and Robert Coburn. Kuhns Bros. Log Homes constructions feature certified, kiln-dried logs, with the moisture content that meets certification standards. Customers can choose from standard floor plans or work with the Kuhns Bros. design team to create a custom design. Homebuyers can select from five log sizes, a variety of wood species, five log-cutting styles and four corner-notching options. Roof system choices include cathedral roofs, rafters, and prefabricated trusses. Log home kits can include all timber, log components and finishing materials, such as fiberglass insulation, interior trim, window sills and porch construction materials. Kuhn Bros. provides construction workshops for homebuyers who choose to complete all or a portion of the home construction themselves, and wood products carry a lifetime warranty. Kuhn Bros. precuts and codes all logs to correspond with final construction drawings.

Use furniture in a balanced way. Ensure that the sofa, dining table and beds don’t overpower the space. The small cabin will feel cramped if you use oversize furniture. You might want to sketch the cabin interior in detail so you can plan every piece of furniture and all accessories. Use a queen bed versus a king bed to save space. You can save dining table space by installing the table against a wall and using chairs on just three sides.

Dig footers around the perimeter of the pad with a backhoe. The footers will be the width of the backhoe bucket. You can also dig cross sections to connect the perimeter but it is not required for small cabin construction. Install concrete forms for the foundation. Pour the concrete to create the foundation.

Small post and beam constructed cabins will outlast most other types. The difference is that square framing posts are used in an exposed aesthetic for both a decorative and architectural purpose. More attractively grained or hardwood is utilized with hidden connector hardware. Wooden pins are placed but they only reinforce the metal connectors that are placed at the top of each post. Also, round logs may be used in a strong post and beam construction.

Cut a U-shaped groove in the last cut side, except for the last 10 inches at each end. Cut the edges of the U so they are no more than 1/10-inch, and so the depth of the U is no more than one-sixth the width of the log. Cut all logs except two.

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